Sunday, September 30, 2012

away to maine

Last week, we left our farm in the care of a friend and drove to Maine.

We stayed by the sea.

We walked on the shore.

I marveled at my children, at how quickly they dig in to explore and learn a place that is so very different from home.

And I spent some time sitting, just staring out at the sea, and the gulls, and the clouds ever changing overhead.

We had a reason for driving the long hours to Maine that had nothing to do with the shore, but I could not possibly travel all that way and not see the sea. Once a year. Just once a year. I love my landlocked home with all of my heart and I am more than content to call our farm my forever place on this Earth, but once a year I need this. To stand on the shore and remember how vast the spaces of this world are. How Sea and Land and Sea and Land stretch out away from all points, and back again.

It's somehow enough, this just once a year.


  1. Beautiful! I feel much the same way - visiting the ocean is a special treat when you're landlocked :)

  2. yes yes yes... I can't say that my landlocked home is my forever home... because I miss the water soooooooo much. I enjoyed getting a bit of my fill through your post today. thank you!

  3. Ooooh, I love me some Maine. Pretty pictures.

  4. Said so well, we're on the other coast and the ocean is so wild and wonderful!

  5. I wasn't raised near the sea, but it speaks to something deep inside me. This is a great post! So glad you have a reliable friend so you can get away--not easy to do when you're farming!

  6. You are a lucky, blessed woman to love your home so much :)
    Glad you had this experience.

  7. oh how beautiful!
    I grew up on long island and sometimes I actually ache for the sea.

    Have a great week, sweet friend! Brooke

    ps I moved my mushroom from by my desk to the tree tonight. It's my favorite ornament. Thanks again!

  8. Are you still in Maine? :) I've been checking for updates!

    I just found your List, and that's a great idea to keep it like that. I think I'll do a similar one on my blog. We wrote down some short- and long-term goals, but now I don't know what we did with the sheet of paper. :( At least this way I would know just where the list is so I can check it periodically.

  9. Where'd You Go Bernadette? (aka Sophie) Miss this blog. Hope you are too busy for happy reasons. Happy Holidays to you!